Anna Carmody
Hi! I'm Anna, the founder of Little Red Design Studio based in Dublin, Ireland. I graduated from The National College of Art and Design with a B.A. in Product Design. The squirrel resembles my own personality as resourceful, playful, energetic with the ability to hibernate on those rainy Saturday mornings!! Education was mostly a struggle for me growing up, being an "average" grader. I decided I would like to make an impact in how we teach valuable lessons to children through products. I strive to create educational tools that are inclusive to all children at each stage of cognitive development and including children with learning disabilities. And, hey! what better way to teach these lessons through a child's natural ability to play?

Science, Technology,Engineering,Art,Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M)

Check out this TED talk on education by Sir Ken Robinson who makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.


Reintegrating art and design into education has been demonstrated to increase the happiness and well-being of students, Form a business and perspective. The major payoffs include better problem-solving skills and increased creativity and innovation, The integration of arts into STEM education and fields may also help encourage more participation by women in what have been male-dominated areas.

How do our products work?

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Download the hazard farm app available for iOS and android. Allow the camera to access your phone or tablet. scan your phone to match the codes on the Hazard Farm Book


Watch the magic happen as the story come to life

At Little Red Edu we add as much value to our customers through our products to create enjoyable and beneficial learning experiences for children. Our products have some wonderful features such as.


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