Keeping children safe on the farm

As over twenty percent of fatal farm accidents involve children, we thought it would be important to include some extra tips especially for keeping your little ones safe on the farm. As a general rule of thumb, children should not be allowed near areas where tree felling occurs, as chainsaws and tumbling tree trunks can be very dangerous for kids who don’t know how to safely navigate such areas and equipment.

 farm safety tips

Children should also not be allowed near dangerous animals like bulls, stags, rams, stallions, or female animals with newborn young.

farm safety tips

Most farm hazards are noted with bright signage, so it’s important to explain the meaning of each sign to children before they visit the farm. There are plenty of places on the farm where children shouldn’t wander unsupervised and the best way to guarantee their safety is to enforce a buddy system.

As you can see, there are many hazards on the farm that can prove dangerous and even fatal for children. While parents can do a lot to prevent their children from suffering from an accident on the farm, the best method of preventing these dangers is through education.

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